What Make People Dislike Your Video

People love to watch YouTube videos for many reasons, including entertainment, information, and education. Every time they expect you to take responsibility and ensure you post something easy to watch. You should know there are YouTube likes and dislike buttons that people can use anytime they watch your videos. Too many dislike scare away potential viewers and here are ways you can prevent it.

Steady Shot

Make sure your video is stable by keeping your hand steady when recording. Jerky videos can be very annoying for viewers, which can lead to a whole lot of dislikes for wasting their time and presenting inferior content. You also avoid placing the camera in the wrong position, so that people won’t find it hard to comprehend what they are looking. Don’t just create content, present it the perfect way.

Don’t Forget To Edit

Putting your video through an editing process before showing it to the world help you eliminate all the unwanted part. Editing is also one of the best ways to include some very beautiful graphics and artistic content that will make it even more visually satisfying. There are many free tools you can use to do simple editing on your video and make it more appealing to the audience.

Poor Audio

Your audio must be clear and audible, if not people will take advantage of the YouTube likes and dislikes button to warn potential viewers to avoid your video. To get better audio when recording, ensure that you have an excellent audio input device that will make your video shine.

The YouTube likes and dislike buttons are there to help people figure out what video to watch and not to watch, Too many dislikes can damage the reputation of your video and reduce the SEO value. Offer well-made content for your audience with clear audio, proper editing, and steady shot.

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