Reborn Silicone Babies: Fun with Dolls

Click here are dolls that look like human infants. The term reborn is used with them because of the fact that an artist creates this doll from an existing doll. He is called reborner and the process is referred to as reborning. These baby dolls first appeared on the scene in early 90s. They became very popular and today they are also being mass produced besides being hand made by artists in a painstaking manner.


Reborning involves stripping a doll down to its basic skeleton, removing even the wig and the eyes. Now the reborner starts his work to create facial features, skin, and the hair that look like that of a real human infant. You have to see a silicone baby closely to see how minutely the artist pays attention to details and comes up with dolls that are hard to distinguish when kept among real human infants. The process of making a silicone baby is called reborning as the artist recreates the baby doll after stripping it down to basics.


There are vinyl reborn dolls and then there are silicone reborn dolls. The ones made using silicone are far more realistic and impressive than the ones made using vinyl. Reborn silicone babies are softer and also possess more flexibility than vinyl babies. All the hard work like creating the eyes, the veins, the saggy skin and the dimples is done by the artist in a very painstaking manner. Although there are available mass produced reborn silicone babies as well, it is these handmade dolls that are in high demand and also higher priced.


The best place to search for reborn babies is internet. You can get good deals on Amazon and eBay but make sure you look at the close-ups of face and hair to buy a doll that is well crafted.